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Do you need or know of anyone who requires financial assistance for breast cancer treatment?

The cost of breast cancer treatment can quickly become a financial burden. 

You may get many bills for just one procedure and struggle with your post treatment expenses. 

At Breast Cancer Foundation Malaysia, we are committed to helping as many people as possible through those financial struggles with our Breast Cancer Foundation Patient Fund. 

This fund provides financial aid to deserving breast cancer patients with a monthly household income of RM5,000 and below.

How to get help from Patient Fund?

The Breast Cancer Foundation Patient Fund is a means to provide financial assistance to breast cancer patients for the purpose of financing their medical treatment, medication and personal needs.

All applicants must fill the form as prescribed by Breast Cancer Foundation and have it verified by the Oncologist or Medical officer in charge. Applications must be accompanied by relevant supporting documents.


Patients who are eligible for the fund must fall under more than three of the categories below:

1. Patients who are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer or post-treatment and would encompass patients diagnosed with secondary cancer originating from breast cancer.

2. Patients whose monthly family income is less than RM5000

3. Patients who have exhausted their financial resources substantially while seeking initial treatment of their cancer

4. Patients who are single parents.

5. Patients whose employment has been terminated because of their illness.

6. Patients who are not in possession of any valuable assets or any assets in their name that could be liquidated within a reasonable period of time.

7. Patients who are not eligible for government aided/funded treatment or who are not covered by their spouses’ employment medical benefits or who are not covered by any medical insurance.

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