Inspirational Messages
by Breast Cancer Warriors

As an NGO, Breast Cancer Foundation take the initiative to leverage breast cancer survivors / warriors to encourage women’s advancement everywhere in every way. In line with our objective, we aim to create even greater awareness of breast cancer, empower and support anyone that is affected by it. Our vision, mission and objectives remain the same. And we will continue to provide the most empowering and supportive programmes and services to the public.

We encourage breasts cancer survivors / warriors to share their story as a means to help and support others in a similar situation. Many remarkable women have been featured or shared their stories in inspiring change for the better, demonstrating great strength in their fight against breast cancer.

Most of breast cancer survivors have their strength of mind shone through as they reminded listeners to practice ‘grace and dignity at all times. Be kind to yourself and be compassionate.’ Many have gone to chemotherapy, bi-lateral mastectomies and radiation. Their survival and attitude to life post-cancer is an example of their positive thinking and persistence in developing strength of body and mind.

During awareness talk, we always stress on the importance of the early detection of breast cancer more seriously. Many of them have experiences of breast cancer that have made an ideal advocate for a change in how it’s detected and treated.


Here are some of their messages to the public:


Wan Musfirah Aimi (33) 

Diagnosed with ‘Infiltrating Multifocal Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Stage 3 with Lung Metastases

The most important thing to me was achieving internal strength, strength of the heart, mind and emotion. I was up for God’s challenge for me. I started being a cancer ambassador to share my story, to uplift others. I felt myself open to receiving others and did not want to be seen as sick anymore as I felt I was not. I trained my mind to be positive. I became active in cancer events and they were such positive experiences. My husband and I joined various charities to try and help other patients and also importantly, the caregivers too. They all should feel loved, needed and supported in every way.

My message to women out there is stay strong for your loved ones and not be discouraged. It is a struggle but you determine what you will take on. I strongly believe in “Mind over Matter.

You can do it and I hope my story helped.


Betty Gomez

We can beat cancer. Being positive and believing in yourself is really half the battle won. I am thankful to God for the years after cancer. Almost 7 years now. My perspective on life has changed. My priorities are different. I quit my job and instead find so much joy in social work and being able to comfort and help others in their cancer journey. I enjoy the volunteer work I do with Breast Cancer Foundation.  Life is what you make of it, enjoy it! Don’t let it pass you by.

Getting breast cancer was a gift. I was compelled to share the experience. I pleaded with every woman I knew to get their annual mammogram. Early detection is the key to survival.

Inspiring change in individuals can be achieved internationally thanks to communication channels, supportive spokespeople and equality research that can spread the word.


Teh Chai Neo (53) 


Tulasi Govindarsamy (68)

By joining these cancer support groups, I find that my life is more interesting, I get to meet inspiring fellow survivors and make new friends where we can exchange information and knowledges, I get to do things that I never thought of trying like climbing Mt. Kinabalu and joining marathons. I am also blessed to have a very supportive and loving family, without which it would have been harder for me to cope. Now after 7 years, my cancer is in remission and it’s all thanks to early diagnosis, treatment and also a positive mind-set. I will continue supporting and inspiring other survivors.

To me there is no *Full stop* after cancer. Remember, early detection saves life.

Do join breast cancer support groups to learn more.

Why do I say my cancer is a blessing in disguise? Upon retirement, I often worried about my future. My financial problems have been solved by SOCSO pension and I have enjoyed good health. Being a marathon runner, my dream was always to scale Mt.Kinabalu. I was blessed to do just that under Breast Cancer Foundation’s banner on 2/6/2010, at the age of 60. I scaled to the peak! Isn’t my cancer a blessing in disguise?