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The Breast Cancer Team


You will be treated by a team of professionals, including some or all of the following:

General Practitioners (GP) – The one who usually arranges your first referral to a specialist breast clinic.

Oncologist – A doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients. A clinical oncologist is trained in giving radiotherapy and chemotherapy, while a medical oncologist administers chemotherapy only.

Radiologist – A medically qualified doctor who specializes in the use of imaging techniques (X-rays, ultrasound, CT etc) for diagnosis, and the one who will interpret your mammogram.

Pathologist – A doctor specializing in identifying diseases by studying cells and tissues under a microscope.

Radiographer – A non-medically qualified person who assists the radiologist in imaging and is trained in using X-ray machines. Some also give radiotherapy.

Breast Surgeon – A specialist in breast surgery who also does fine needle aspiration and biopsy. Some may also do reconstructive surgery.

Breast-Care Nurse – Nurse with special training in dealing with breast disease, who offers information, support and advice.

Ward nurses – A nurse who plans your care on the ward.

Physiotherapist – Gives you exercises to do after surgery for you to regain your strength and fitness.

Psychologist – Professional counselling that can help you cope with your illness, and deal with decisions about treatment, depression, anxiety as well as family issues.

Social worker – Can help you work out practical difficulties including transport, childcare and financial issues.



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